Gift Guide for the FITNESS+FOODIE

Nicci from The Stress Less Lifestyle shared her favorite gifts for the 2021 holiday season for the Fitness+Foodie in your life! 

These are the things I just can't live without to help keep me on track for a StressLess Lifestyle.  The best thing you can do for yourself is keeping things simple and easier to stay focused on your own goals!
fitness and foodie gift guide for the holidays 2021

In the Kitchen:

1. Airfryer/toaster/combo machine- Combo things make everything easier The one I have is a Cuisinart and love it!
2. Ramekins, I know that seems odd but it's very helpful for single-serve snacks that keep your portion sizes in check!  
3. Silicone baking mats. Makes clean-up so much faster so you'll want to bake your own healthier things more often! Also, helps you keep in mind how many items you've eaten to keep you mindful of your snacking on delicious treats.

In the pantry/fridge (protein-forward foods!):

1. Pre-cooked lean ground turkey- for everyday easy to put together meals
2. Frozen veggies but fresh berries
3. Ezer Snacks Cookie Dough for protein and sweet
4. ALLL the seasonings from Tiny Little Chef Flavor is so important
5. Very low calorie/no sugar sauces from Primal Kitchen

In the wardrobe- It's important to find clothes you can be in public in, just incase you're short on time and need to fit in a workout anytime, anywhere (basically anything Senita brand):

1. Leggings with pockets...because pockets!  But also if you are dressed to walk and are able to pop your phone in your pocket and listen to some great music while taking a quick walk (say 15 mins before school pickup) then you'll be more likely to move more during the day.  Favorite brand Senita Athletics  The Shakti are my favorite!
2. Comfy, forgiving shirts that also look good out and about, my favorite top is the Tahoe Tank 
3.  Different shoes for different activities:
  •  Fav lifting/training shoes: barefeet!! or if you need shoes Converse or any wide toebox barefoot shoe like Xero or Vibram
  • Favorite running shoes: Hoka shoes either street or trail!
  • Favorite HIIT shoes: barefoot or Xero or Nike free for a more common brand.

 Hope this helps making shopping for the Fitness+Foodie in your life extra simple! 

Nicci D'Amico Howard, MBA, CPT, CFNS
CEO/Creator, StressLess Lifestyle

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