Gift Guide for the WORKING MOM

Amanda from The Fasting Fox shared her favorite gifts for the 2021 holiday season for the Working Mom in your life! 

Amanda is not only a working mom, but she also travels a lot for work. She believes that staying healthy while working and on the go all depends on BALANCE.....haha not really! What it really depends on, is prepping ahead of time. So here's some of her favorite gifts to help the working mama in your life! 

Working Mom Gift Guide

  1. On the go plant powered protein from Ascent; 25g clean fuel.
  2. A great shaker bottle that can be used for your favorite protein shake, then rinse and reuse the shaker bottle as your water bottle while traveling or throughout your day! These from Blender Bottle are really fun for the holidays!
  3. Ezer Snacks Protein Cake & ProStack stackables. Scoop out serving size and take Ezer with you everywhere! Hotels and break rooms have mugs and microwaves so you can eat clean and fuel no matter where you go! ProStack works well to carry vitamins too!
  4. Modoker Backpacks- perfect for traveling (fits under airplane seats/carryon), can carry your laptop and all your needs and is fashionable! Bonus is very durable and under $30 on Amazon! 
  5. Nimble power chargers- Nimble is all about saving the planet and their chargers are made with recycled materials and low impact materials- under $30 and super small/light to carry!
  6. Wim Hof Method App- set reminders throughout the day to stretch and be guided through 2-3 minute stretches. Use as breathing guides before an important meeting or after a stressful day. Annual or monthly fees available in the App Store.
  7. Jubel Natural Oils, vegan aromatherapy on the go! Easy to carry on and take anywhere to help de stress and get a good nights sleep in a hotel! 

Happy Holiday shopping for the Busy + Working Mama in your life! 

Amanda Fox

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