MACRO Comparison to Starbucks Cake

So.... our amazing Snack Squad member @TheFastingFox makes awesome creations with our Protein Cakes, and she recently used our Cinnamon Latte Flavor to make a yummy creation. 

She mentioned craving a coffee cake, and yall, growing up, this was my favorite dessert, but do you know how much sugar is in it??

Yes I didn't either, until I did. 

That's why I love our Cinnamon Latte Cake! It gives you the cinnamon deliciousness that a coffee cake does, but guess what it has that a normal coffee cake doesn't.....CAFFEINE!⚡️ 

That's right, so you get the flavor, but you also get the added bonus of the same amount of caffeine that's in a cup of coffee, but in your cake!

Plus you obviously get the 20grams of Plant Based Protein that's in all of our cakes.
The ease of making the cake with just water and 1 minute of cooking.
Plus all of the other added benefits of real ingredients and good nutrition!

So here's a little breakdown of the MACRO COMPARISON just to get your mind working....let me know what you think in the comments....are you ready to make the switch!??

Macro Comparison of Starbucks Coffee Cake to a 1 Minute Protein Cinnamon Latte Cake.