Paleo Chocolate Icing

It's no doubt celebrations look different these days.

Most birthdays consist of friends driving past your home in their car, with balloons or poster boards celebrating you.
Maybe they drop a gift or sing a line of the "birthday song!"

Social distancing is no reason NOT to celebrate though!

We 100% believe that every small thing, whether a birthday, graduation, or even just making it another day without leaving your house, deserves to be celebrated! 

However, when no one is there to share a 9x11 sheet cake with you.....that leaves a lot of extra cake to be eaten at midnight, or even for breakfast!

So when Kelly decided to double up on her protein cakes, stack them, and top them with this Paleo Chocolate Icing! OMG we got excited!

You can literally enjoy the entire cake YOURSELF, guilt free, oh and did we mention it's delicious!!???

So we had to share this icing recipe!

SNAG SOME PROTEIN CAKES HERE, then make this for your next celebration, or on a Wednesday, or Friday, just because you deserve it!