Snacking Might Be Ruining Your Health

Do you do well all day eating healthy, just to get to 9PM and ruin it with snacking...?

Does healthy eating seem boring to you...?

Do you struggle at the grocery store, saying no to all of the sweet and savory snacks that you shouldn't take home....?

Does snacking make you feel guilty....?

Due to the nature of many store bought snacks being full of junk, and additives that keep you coming back. Literally, food companies put things in their snacks that make it nearly impossible for you to say no and walk away. (Ever wonder why you can't just eat one), there's a reason!

It is hard to say no, and easy to allow snacking to ruin your health! 

So instead of gribbing the shopping cart and using all of your will power to say "no!" and then just eating your kids snacks at 9PM because you have no will power left! 

Let me share some tips with you on how to fight off bad snacking, and put the joy, and deliciousness back in snacking again! 

Starting with this delicious and EZ 4 minute recipe that tastes like a candy bar! 

These are called COOKIE DOUGH CANDIES, and only need 3-4 ingredients!



Slice the dates open (not in half), remove the pit if there is one, open it up and fill the date with 1/2-1 tsp (depends on the size of your dates) of cookie dough. If using nuts, have them in small pieces and add a couple to the top of the cookie dough, press them down so they stay in place. Put the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and melt them, drizzle them over the dates, and put them in the freezer. 
Keep them there, and have 1-2 each night for a late night snack! 

Watch a video of me making them HERE

The protein from the cookie dough, and healthy coconut oil fats in it will actually help you sleep well. Enjoy the COOKIE DOUGH CANDIES!

Keep these on hand in your freezer, and at night when you get a craving for snacks, grab one or two out, and eat them TOTALLY GUILT FREE! They will give your sweet tooth what it needs, plus fill you up because of the protein in the dough! 

Then, use my NIGHTTIME ROUTINE to get a good nights rest: 

  • enjoy a Cookie Dough Candy totally guilt free!
  • pick up your home
  • dry brush (to release toxins, massage your lymphatic system, and exfoliate skin)
  • take a hot shower
  • cleanse face and use a nighttime oil or serum to hydrate your skin and relax
  • brush your teeth (as a way of saying "I'm done eating for the night")
  • make a cup of hot tea
  • make a list of things you need to do or remember for the next day
  • connect with your spouse or read a book before bed

Snacking shouldn't be boring. 
Snacking shouldn't come with shame or guilt.
Snacking should be delicious! 

If you are tired of eating processed food that makes you feel crappy, and drains your wallet, energy, and piles on calories and guilt, and want more delicious HEALTHY SNACK RECIPES, snag my SIMPLY SUGAR FREE COOKBOOK!