The *REAL* Sugar Free Margarita

 Here's the deal, there are so many companies out there branded by REALLY healthy, strong athletes, and they claim to have awesome products! Snacks, Protein Powders, Bars, Supplements

Honestly by the looks of them, you would think that they should be trustworthy, but one look at the back of the product, and you will see that hidden ingredient. 

It's a tricky one too. 

They can have this ingredient in their products and still claim it to be "Sugar Free." And, even in the nutrition label, it will say 0 sugars. 

Here's the deal though, it's a totally fake, man made, zero calorie sweetener. 
But it wreaks havoc on your body. 

So what's the name of this hidden ingredient that you need to be on the lookout for in the INGREDIENT LIST of foods...


Another name that you might be more familiar with is Splenda. An artificial sweetener. 

Sucralose was created by accident in a lab when they were chemically modifying sugar. Some studies have shown that sucralose can change our gut microbiome and actually cut the number of good bacteria in our gut in half. Which fyi isn't a good thing, and our gut health impacts so many other parts of our body including brain, emotions, skin, etc. 
It has also been shown to increase inflammation, and overtime can add to more problems like obesity and diabetes. 

So when you are trying to eat healthier, PAY ATTENTION to the ingredient list of foods, yes even "healthy" foods, and foods that claim to be "Sugar Free", and stay away from Sucralose! 

 sugar free margarita recipe!

So to celebrate the new year, 2022, we wanted to give you the REAL SUGAR FREE MARGARITA recipe! One made with a sugar straight from the earth, use honey or maple syrup, your choice, and enjoy ringing in the new year in a fresh new way, with a margarita that you know what's in it! 

XOXO Brittany