The Science of Mood and Digestion

Food has been something that people and cultures have bonded over for thousands of years.  Meals have functioned as many things throughout history: they’ve been community celebrations, offers of friendship, consolations in grief, and gestures of romantic intentions. Food is a necessity; it is also a luxury. Food opens doors in relationships and is a way of sharing a culture.

For all of that, however, we often feel increased anxiety around food. In our fast-paced, modern-day lives, food can be a major stressor. Whether this stress comes from an actual lack of food, lack of access to quality food, tight finances, health concerns, or thinly stretched time, we can almost all relate to some tension with food. This is why, at EZER, we strive to provide tools and products that help you foster a positive relationship with food for yourself and your family members. 

Ezer™ Snacks was born out of a desire to get healthy snacks into the homes of more people to help make eating healthy EZ-ER for families around the world living busy and active lifestyles.

how mood affects digestion. The power of connecting for kids, and how good food, and connection is so important.

Consider these two scenarios:

Laughter fills the room. Plates are passed from person to person. Stomachs growl in appreciative hunger for all the good things that had been prepared to be shared. Extra chairs are crammed in anywhere there could possibly be room. Maybe someone accidentally knocks over their tea, but it’s mopped up with laughter and a ‘no big deal!’ because everyone is connecting, everyone is at peace.

Or consider another meal, another time. Stress is high. Maybe there was an argument, or simply a crazy day with schedules, flat tires, and forgotten lunches. Emotions are high, tension is tight. No one is really hungry. Stomachs don’t want food; people avoid each other and eat alone, quietly.

While no one really ‘wants’ the second scenario, sometimes we don’t realize the impact that environment, mood, and connection has on our health and digestion. Did you know your mood affects your digestion? It’s true. According to Harvard Health, “The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion. Anger, anxiety, sadness, elation — all of these feelings (and others) can trigger symptoms in the gut. The brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines.” Link

While there is no way to always have an “ideal meal”, we can intentionally create space over meals that fosters an environment that lends itself to connection and peace. Slowing down, eating together, and asking intentional questions can help smooth over life’s rough patches by sharing the load and bonding, as well as fueling our bodies so that we’re better able to handle the challenges that come our way.

That’s why this fall, here at EZER we’re tackling one of the biggest deals for families: Dinners.

Surrounding dinner, there can be many questions. 

What would be good for tonight? What will the kids eat? What do I have time to make? How can I make it as healthy as possible but still taste good? Did I grab everything I needed at the store?

We tackle these questions and more in our group Get EZER Organized! If you’d like some encouragement, community, and recipes for good family dinners, along with connection tips and conversation starters, we invite you to join our group at Get EZ Organized, where you can get tons of tips from mamas like yourself!

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mood and digestion are connected. Find out how connecting over good food can affect  your children's moodxoxo

Molly Gopfarth