Vegan Protein Pretzel Cookies

Vegan Protein Pretzel Cookie Recipe. Delicious recipe made from cookie dough!


Let's cut right to the chase....these things are AMAZING because

SWEET & SALTY are made for each other, 
and here's why: 

  1. The receptor in your body responsible for transporting sugar to your cells can only do so when sodium is present

  2. So, salt actually does brighten the taste of something sweet

  3. Your tongue actually has additional receptors that can only taste sweetness when salt is present, so you would be missing out on the fullness of flavor without it

  4. We are hardwired to crave junk food at times….whether it’s chocolate candy or the crunch of salty chips, so when we marry the two, Sweet & Salty together, it’s EXTRA SATISFYING!

So…..tell us, are you a fan of Sweet & Salty?


  • Just make our EZ Protein Cookie Dough (see a previous post)
  • Add a little between two pretzels
  • Freeze for 10minutes
  • Melt some chocolate chips
  • Dip then and let them dry
And.... try not to eat the whole batch!
Just kidding, go ahead and eat them all!