Our Snack Squad


If you love snacks, you need to join the snack squad. Spread the love of healthy snacks with us!


Snack Squad Perks:

    • Official title of EZER Snack Squad Member
    • Earn 10% Commission on all retail sales
    • Create a unique 10% off code to share with your friends, family, and followers
    • Save 20% on all personal order 
    • Collaborations: Instagram takeovers, recipe developments, giveaways, etc.
    • The first to try our new products and flavors
    • Event sponsorships: potential for tastings, sample packs sent, product sent for prizes, etc.
    • We desire to truly partner with our Snack Squad, if you have an idea, let's chat about it! We want to be part of your brand, your niche, your community, and use your unique platform and gifts to do that!



Our Snack Squad is a group of men and women that know that being active and fueling their body with healthy snacks is not only tasty but allows them to live their life to the fullest, enjoying adventures, and making memories!! They appreciate delicious snacks that are made with ingredients that fuel their fun families, and active lifestyles! We fuel them with nutrient dense goodies, and our Snack Squad is passionate about living and spreading the love of an active life and impacting the community around them!

 Interested in being part of the SNACK SQUAD?  Fill out this APPLICATION and we will be in touch!

Join the snack squad. Share healthy snacks with the world.