Our Story

After becoming parents in 2014, Meguell and Brittany Suell realized that they wanted to raise their children to have a good relationship with food. Everywhere you look there are over processed and high sugar foods available.  Children are literally starting their lives addicted to sugar, and end up struggling with obesity and preventable diseases because of their early formed habits.

As a family they gave up refined sugar in 2015, and began a journey of finding snacks that wouldn’t leave their children feeling deprived, but would fuel their body with good nutrients. Many of the treats they enjoyed were made at home, which led Brittany to author the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook.

While working in the health and fitness industry for 13+ years, the Suell’s know that this is a problem that many families face. They want to eat healthy, but being on-the-go and busy in our fast-paced world, they struggle to find foods that are convenient for their lifestyle.

Ezer™ Snacks was born out of a desire to get their healthy recipes into the homes of more people to help make eating healthy EZ-ER for families around the world living a busy and active lifestyle. 

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We want every person, and every family to live their life to the fullest, taking adventures and making memories together! That's why we created a snack that will FUEL FUN FAMILIES! We created our products to be safe and nutrient rich for everyone in your family! As parents, we know that kids always want another snack! With Ezer™ Snacks, you can know that what you are serving your kids aren't empty calories, but delicious snacks they will prefer, and that will fuel their body. Made with all natural-ingredients, and plant based, you can rest assured they will love this treat, while not getting any added sugar for their already energetic bodies!






We each only get one body to live our one life with, and we want to help you live that life to the fullest! That's why we created a snack that will FUEL ACTIVE LIFESTYLES! We want you to live your best life, and achieve your biggest goals, and we know that being active, and taking care of your body will get you there!  


Ezer pronounced (E-zer) is a Hebrew word for life saver or helper.  Ezer Snacks desires to provide convenient and healthy snacks for families, and active people around the world to be able to indulge in guilt-free and delicious snacks, while still fueling their body with nutrient rich ingredients. Our world is over-consumed with snack options that are full of foods that are fueling obesity and preventable diseases, and we want to be what saves people from their lack of choices.We are striving to make the lives of busy families EZ-ER with snacks that fuel their body any time of day. Whether you are a parent taking your kids to soccer practice, or someone running back to work after a lunchtime workout, we want to be your go-to healthy snack!